About Symitech

Symitech Ltd is a UK based company headquartered in Wiltshire.  We develop advanced Internet of Things (IoT) sensor systems based on printed / hybrid electronics.  The company’s foundations lie in highly qualified and experienced staff with over 60 years industrial in areas as diverse as analogue/digital electronics, advanced materials and software development. 


The company was founded to address numerous opportunities for the emerging IoT market. We work with a range of clients from SMEs to internationally renowned multinational companies and have successfully delivered projects from concept through to manufacture, across numerous markets including; Aerospace, Clean energy, Medical and Automotive. Symitech specialises in sensor control and processing using advanced data analytics such as machine learning / artificial intelligence using both cloud and edge-based processing. 

Symitech operates in applications as diverse as medical, aerospace, personal protective equipment, formula one and elite sports.

We Can Help You

We can assist you in your project from CONCEPT through to MANUFACTURE