Hybrid Printed Electronics

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A revolution in producing electronic circuitry.

Combining additive printed conductive structures with conventional assembly of silicon devices and other standard SMD components allows a cost effective approach to produce new lighter weight, flexible/stretchable and thin form circuit profiles for next generation applications including IoT sensors, wearables and point of care medical devices.
Electronic circuitry can be produced on a multitude of substrates including; elastomers, textiles and low temperature plastics including polyurethane and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) enabling novel devices to be produced that cannot be processed using conventional PCB manufacturing processes.

Furthermore, the additive processing enables an environmentally friendly process compared to copper etching as well as fast prototyping with fewer manufacturing steps involved.  Large area form factors are also possible.

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We can assist you in your project from CONCEPT through to MANUFACTURE
Symitech offers a complete turn key solution from design to rapid prototyping and production.  This includes the ability to undertake direct die attach, avoiding costs associated with use of packaged chips.  Our services extend to firmware software developments, data analytics including machine learning and artificial intelligence and communications with mobile devices and cloud-based computing.

Please contact us to discuss your application requirements.  We offer a global service.