Non-Intrusive Level Sensors

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Non-Intrusive Sensors

Our non-intrusive sensing solutions are simple, innovative, and highly cost-effective, passive and autonomous monitoring solutions.  They are unique in having; no, or minimal, electronics, self-powered, wireless, and with no direct connection to the either the physical quantity they are measuring, or the measuring system itself. 

They can be attached to, or even printed on, devices or containers allowing the detection of, or continuous measurement of, a characteristic of an item.   The sensors are read using complex radio frequency analysis  techniques via a remote interrogation unit. 

Applications include the detection or measurement of physical properties such as; humidity or water content of a package, liquid levels within a sealed container, levels of specific chemicals within a product or living things.  They work well in harsh or dangerous environment as they contain no internal power source and sense without any physical connection.

Symitech offers a complete turn key solution to design and manufacture printed electronic sensors with associated software and data analytics. 

Please contact us to discuss your application requirements.  We offer a global service.

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