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Software splits into two types; the software that’s written for PCs and servers: specialist computer programs, websites, Apps, etc., and the embedded software, which is more correctly called firmware. Firmware is embedded in the hardware electronics design that we develop for you; it does the really intricate things like monitoring a voltage, lighting an LED or communicating real-world results from the hardware to an application.

We offer both software and firmware for electronic devices; essentially offering embedded firmware, writing on the board and writing the application, for full-service software development. We are experts in tailoring solutions for embedded software projects for electronic devices and systems. Software platforms or operating systems we have experience of working with include Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. 

With all aspects of our electronic design service under one roof we’re able to work even closer with our clients to understand their technical needs and software requirements. Our multi-skilled developers offer their continued expertise from initial concept all through testing, development, and the finished product. 

Information technology systems of the future are increasingly focused on where data is generated and processed, how it’s delivered and collected, and how quickly this data can move. Finding the most efficient path is key.

We Can Help You

We can assist you in your project from CONCEPT through to MANUFACTURE

Symitech offers a complete turn key solution for software development. 

Please contact us to discuss your application requirements.  We offer a global service.